Ransomware is a malicious software that, once introduced in our system, leaves all or part of our documents unusable, usually by encrypting the files.

Once they have taken control of our system, the hacker will ask us for a ransom for the recovery of these documents, usually in the form of a virtual currency such as Bitcoin.

Recognize a ransomware attack

If you have been the target of an attack by Ransomware, you will not have access to your files or you will not be able to open them. In addition, your files may be modified with a different extension, keeping the name of your file or modifying it completely, and most likely you will find a text or message claiming a ransom for the recovery of the files.

Some of the most common Ransomware

Some of the most common variants of Ransomware are:

  • Adobe

  • Eye

  • Danger

  • Gman

  • Java

  • Red

  • Bip

  • Cerber                                             

  • Dharma Ransomware

  • Locky

  • CrySiS

  • Grandcrab

  • CTB Locker

  • Cryptowall

  • DMA Locker

  • XTBL

  • Thor

  • Globe

  • Cryptohost

  • Odin

  • Zepto

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