Who We Are

Naradecrypt is a company specialized in data recovery and decryption of files affected by ransomware.

We also collaborate with laboratories around the world, which allows us to recover a large part of the ransomware variations that currently exist.


We will ask you to send us some infected files in order to evaluate what type of ransomware it is.


We evaluate your case without any compromise, and we will give you an answer as soon as possible regarding the possibility or not to recover your files.


If its possible to recover your files, and if you decide to move forward with the process, our estimated time to recover your files is between two and three days.


Our commitment. If for any reason, the file recovery software fails and the recovery key does not work, we will refund all your money.

C/ Nou de Sant Pau 1-4. 43005 Tarragona, España

Tel. +34 977 07 50 18